Monday, January 12, 2015

World Rally Blog on the "fan co-driver selection program"

"To stop being (just) a spectator and become a real co-driver, if only for one event, is and would be a dream come true for so many people. Maybe you were allowed to sit in a stationary rally car at some car show. If you got really lucky, you managed to elbow your way into a car doing shakedown runs at some national event. Perhaps your friends knows a guy whose friend is a rally driver, so you can, occassionally, enjoy a ride or two around the parking lot. But nothing really compares to the real thing, nothing. When you’re actually competing, no matter how small an event might be, it’s your turn to experience this rallying stuff firsthand. The responsibility, the adrenaline, the sheer pace of things happening around you… let’s just say it’s a unique experience, through and through. Many people say they would “pay to get into a rally car, even only for one event”. Well, here’s your chance now."

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