Friday, September 19, 2014

A group incentive

Have a look at this group if you have 30 seconds to spare in your in your life as a motorsport lover:

The group's object is:

"The World Rally Championship is on the cusp of a dramatic change, a change that is completely out of touch with the sprit of rallying. The team bosses and promoters are proposing to make a massive change to the format of events.

Basically the drivers and cars will battle over the unforgiving terrains of the world for 100's of miles for 3 whole days and no matter how big margins between them are, the final stage will decide who wins. Crazy hey!?

1st-3rd position will fight it out, and their overall result will be based on the final stage time, even if the 1st placed driver is 5 minutes in front of 3rd. This will happen for 4th-6th position, 7th-9th etc, etc.

The WRC drivers have already voiced their opinion and rejected this plan and the World Motorsport Council are not happy with it either, but the teams and promoters are convinced it will happen is some form or another.

The protagonists and creators of this idea believe that it will increase television audiences, and thus car sales. OK, yes they are all in it to sell cars, but if the fans think its a ridiculous idea then who will watch and buy the cars?

Basically, the fans need a voice! If we can grow this group and show the teams and promoters that we disagree with their idea, and whole heartedly support the drivers, then how can they argue?

After all, we are the ones that they are trying to sell the sport to......and more importantly their cars to!

Please like and share, especially any drivers as you have the biggest following and voice."

I liked the initiative therefore I joinded.

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