Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo of the day

This photo was taken at Chateau Lastour, located in south west France near Toulouse. MRTE went there often to test the rally cars. The gravel roads were very rough and great for reliability testing.

From left to right: Ingvar Calsson R.I.P., Achim Warmbold, Hannu Mikkola
I had the amazing chance to ride incar during tests with all three of these gentlemen. 

I remember of a time with Hannu, when, he went flat out over some big hole. I was really young and got scared for the car. After the run, while he turned around, I asked him if he could drive around the hole this time. He looked at me and said "ok". So he did. 

I was happy :)


  1. Mazda 323 GT-R, my first turbo AWD an if not the gearbox, it would stay this way...

  2. Antony, by mid 2012 I thought you had abandoned the blog. It's great to come back and see new posts! Keep blogging, all these behind the scenes stuff is really interesting.

    Greetings from Chile.

  3. Hi and thx for your comment :)
    I'll write posts every now and then whenever I've got time and motivation. It's good if you check once in a while if there's new stuff! Have a good day in Chile!

  4. hey Antony.., I know you from wrc rally evolved.
    is good to see you..., what are you doing now??
    and, does your father fine..??

  5. Hi Arnold, I'm doing fine. I guess you are speaking of the game which has my car in it?
    What am I doing? Work & preparing a project. Everybody's fine, thx!
    Best to you!

  6. Anthony, could you spare some time and post something about the older A group cars? I mean the Celica GT4, Evo 4-6, the Mazda above, etc - stuff from 90's, cars that had civil counterparts one could actually buy? It seems there is a very limited supply of competent reviews about the differences in driving a road car and it's rally counterparts from qualified sources… Thank you!