Saturday, February 18, 2012

The resolutions

With every New Year come new resolutions, mine come in pair this time. First I wish to thank people who helped me out in the past. Second: I am soon starting a new job! Yay! Handling it is another question. Be sure I will be back on here to brag about it, on a later day, if I manage with it.  
For the time being I would like to blog differently, take a parallel path from what you have been used to. I have been busy both with work and with my MINI project up until now; you know that, don’t you? Finding sponsors is extremely difficult; you know that as well, right? Although for some people it just seems to fall out of the sky. Seriously, for me it’s like banging the head against the wall! Let’s put that aside for a while.
I have a friend who has helped me on various occasions, out of simple kindness. I really appreciate that and feel we are on a same wavelength. As a result I would like to return the favor by writing and posting a bit about him, his company and what his projects are.
Rob Atkinson runs a company called RAMSPORT. I am sure you can remember that name as they ran WRC cars for a number of years at the highest level of rally sport. Fortunately all this know-how is not going to waste and Rob has now been involved in building and restoring historic rally cars as well.
Among the cars they work on is a MK1 Ford Escort, it is FIA historic spec with a mechanical injection BDA engine, quite a rare engine and it worked really well winning on both of its outings. They are currently working on a 1970 Porsche 914/6 GT, it is being rebuilt form a bare shell upward and will finish as a very rare FIA http Rally version of the GT. We will get some more photos on the blog as the build process evolves. In the meantime, check these out:
The Porsche as received from America:

After it was dipped and treated:

After having the cage and arches fitted:

The MK1 Escort:

The engine looks neat: I would love to get close-ups!


The tank:


  1. That is some serious finish...

    But then, given the background, nothing else to be expected, right? :)

    Thanks Antony for a brilliant write-up. You now have a new blog-follower and supporter.

    All the best wishes in obtaining a MINI seat in the near future.

    /Andreas (SWE)

  2. Thanks Andreas, maybe one day I can drive another car, right now with MINI it's dead end.