Monday, May 16, 2011

RSI: VW beginnings

I drove this VW Golf when I was 18, in a rally, in south Sweden.  It was my first time driving a rally car ever.  I had Per Carlsson as co-driver and he helped me getting around the stage.  I did not use any notes as there was no recce, if I remember correctly, but he helped me get around the stage just fine. 

Driving this front wheel drive car was a lot of fun.  This is where I first learned to left foot brake.  A know-how that I then carried on into the 4wd machines I drove later.  Very useful.


  1. i've always wonder how the private drivers can handle in the world of wrc.

    thanks for sharing this on internet.

    greetings from chile.

  2. Did you do anything to the pedal arrangement to make left foot braking easier? I have a this era of VW as a rally car, and I find the pedal placement poor for that technique.

    1. Yes, the pedals have lots of room between themselves, the brake pedal is very wide (2x that of standard car) and the clutch pedal is very narrow. You don't "blip" the throttle on these cars so the brake and gas pedal are well apart.