Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here is today's question: 

There are 2 drivers and 2 co-drivers on this picture, taken during the 1000 Lakes Rally in 1988.  The winner will be the first one who comes up with all their names.  Coming up with the lady's nickname will be sufficient.  A clue is they have all won at least one WRC event.

copyright: Martin Holmes

Good luck!


  1. Must be your father Achim, Timo Salonen obviously, and co-drivers Seppo Harjanne and 'Biche' (Michèle Petit).

  2. I know there is Timo Salonen and Seppo Harjanne, but not sure about others :(

    Good work with the blog, interesting reading for sure.

  3. I think Joost has already given the right answer. Left to Right Achim Warmbold, Timo Salonen, Seppo Harjanne & "Biche".

    Great blog, keep it up, Anthony!

    Chris (@rally-info.com)