Friday, April 8, 2011


I was asked on why I went to Ford, to make a deal, and not somebody else like Prodrive.  We did not have any contact with prodrive at all.  There was some contact with Bozian, later, and Peugeot in the end.  Jean Pierre Nicolas had found 1 rally's worth of budget for me from the German importer and was keen to help put me in a private Peugeot for 2006.  It never worked out cause I could not complete the rest of the budget, and his hands were tied.  Peugeot was interested in a German for their marketing.
Back in 2000 my father drove one last rally, Rally GB, in our Corolla WRC.  There, we met the Ford team boss and he said: "you're in the wrong car" implying that we should be in a Ford.  My dad knew him rather well from the years... It was natural to go to him for a deal in driving WRC for 2003.  I think it was a big mistake.  We should have gone to Bozian.  From there, Jean Pierre Nicolas would have been a more "sportsman" person to deal with.

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