Thursday, April 7, 2011

RSI: Japanese street racing

So here we were, Rally japan 2004.  Minding my business, doing my stages. 

Then more boost.  Ok, there was still some turbo boost, but it was missing what I think they called the overboost or something like that.  Well, you get the point, I was having a turbo problem. 

It was not such a big problem because there was just a superspecial to do.  I knew the guys could fix it in service. 

So we drove back to the super special, arrived there, and I found out I was going against Harri Rovanpera.  I thought to myself, "oh crap", he's gonna lap me in there...

So I went up to him and said: "Hi, how you doing... etc, etc."
Then I asked if he wouldn't mind taking it easy, you know, not kick my butt too hard in the stage, so I wouldn't look too slow.  To my big surprise he said: "ohkay"

So, he did!  He actually took it easy and beat me by only a second or so.

After that he came and said, laughing, "hey! are you sure you had a turbo problem??"

I assured him that, indeed I really had low power.  He believed me, I think.  It was true, I really had a problem.

Harri was nice enough to not "wipe the floor" with me on that super special, that day.  Nice guy.


  1. Cool Harry! Nice story

  2. Really Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences. It's really interesting. :)

  3. Keep the blog going very interesting so far.